Annia Raysberg, MA, MFT

Psychotherapy & EMDR for California residents + Coaching worldwide


Cerfitied in EMDR 

Location: Castro Valley, CA

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Here are some testimonials from former employers, co-workers, and clients:

"I have made tremendous progress as a result of our work together. I am no longer engaging in the worst of my Inner Circle [sex addiction] behaviors. I am currently sober from drinking. I have deepened relationships with close friends and weeded out the ones who are bad influences on me. I have become so much nicer to myself and understand myself much better. I was able to get on anti-depressants. I had my first real relationship. I am starting to live by the principles of the 12 step programs that I am in. I have not taken any action of self-harm. I am more emotionally in touch with the world." -A., former client

"Thank you for your time and caring attitude over the last 6 months.  With as much as I have shared with you, and the way you have always kept a genuine, caring and professional approach, I just wanted to say thank you.  I feel extremely fortunate to have had you as my counselor". -S., former client

"Having not had any therapy, except briefly, 38 years previously, I opened up. What enabled me to do this was that you were very comfortable, and quite trusting, to talk to.  I got the impression you were listening.  You seemed to care, whereas some counselors seem very cold and clinical, almost robotic.  You weren't a push-over. You didn't always agree with me even at times when I wished you would.  I thank you again for your counseling, again I can't praise you enough, and I wish you the best." -D., former client

"I just want to say thanks.  I realize there is a long road and long life ahead of me, but you've guided me in the right way and I'm ready to take it on.  I am truly grateful." - E, former client

"I learned a tremendous amount from our individual sessions.  Thank you so much for all your help and care.  I look forward to reaching back out to you with my progress down the road.  I truly admire the great work you do and you have been an inspiration." - A., former client

"Annia has been a wonderful addition to the Treatment Team environment at The Sequoia Center.  She is empathic, fully understands the addiction challenges, utilizes clinical and addiction skills and techniques to not only deliver, but produce results. We are proud to have her on our Team!"  - Renee E. Brown, MA, MFT, former employer, Executive Direction at The Sequoia Center

"Annia is a very effective counselor in a drug and alcohol treatment setting. She has great compassion and works well with clients - especially in a 1:1 setting. She is a tenacious advocate for her clients and is very solutions oriented. She is skillful at managing client insurance issues and is very strong on relapse prevention teaching. She has an excellent awareness of the issues facing clients in early recovery and family systems. She builds good rapport and is very accurate in her documentation and scheduling. As a peer and later as her supervisor, I have watched Annia develop into an excellent therapist and counselor." - Andrew Korniej, former employer, Program Director at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs

"Annia was a wonderful team player who was willing to offer clients compassion, kindness and professionalism." - Cheryl Leong, MFT, CHLC, former co-worker 

"Annia is an excellent counselor and a very hard worker. She was always looking to learn and add to her skill set, and was very thorough and thoughtful in her work. As a counselor, Annia is compassionate, engaged and supportive and her desire to help others is constantly apparent. Annia would be an invaluable addition to any team." - Jule Gladnick, MFT, former co-worker 

"Annia was a great addition to our team at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs where she caught on quickly and was able to shine in terms of creating a welcoming supportive atmosphere of recovery for our clients, in facilitating weekly multi-family groups, in providing individual and groups sessions for our clients and in providing client advocacy in obtaining insurance authorization and linkages with local resources. I would recommend Annia as a clinician who make a positive addition to any team offering mental health services." - Roy Cairo, MFT, former co-worker

"Annia Raysberg is a highly intellient and hard working clinician. I value Annia's clinical knowledge, and consider her a valuable consultation resource" - Laura Domash, LCSW, MSW, CYT, colleague

"Annia is passionate about her work, patient, understanding, and compassionate with her clients, and is an excellent clinician, adept at both individual and group work. I had the pleasure of working with Annia and she is also a wonderful colleague. I was new at the agency and she took me under her wing and was always incredibly helpful and caring. I recommend her in any therapeutic context." - Meredith Kornfeld, MA, MS, MFT, former co-worker

"I had the pleasure of working with Annia at Ohlhoff House as we both facilitated treatment groups and provided individual counseling. Annia had tremendous rapport with her clients and was a role model for me. We attended weekly group supervision and her participation was always client centered. I appreciated the advice and counsel she afforded me when I had therapeutic inquiries. Annia was a pleasure to work with." - Ken King, CATC III(I), former co-worker

"Annia Raysberg is one of the rare people who can handle hearing Truth. Annia has the ability to provide compassion and empathy regardless of the issue.  I would personally feel safe sharing my deepest secrets with Annia." - Alicia Laub, MA, LMFT, colleague

"Annia is very professional and engaging. I've consulted with Annia on several cases and feel confidant referring clients to her particularly working with relationships, addictions and co-dependecy issues." - Ami Hartley, MFT, colleague

"Annia Raysberg is an intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, competent, and knowledgeable clinician. She is flexible, patient, skillful, and compassionate human being. I have worked with Ms. Raysberg at Ohlhoff Recovery programs and witnessed her skills as a clinician. She displays exceptional professionalism and has outstanding interpersonal skills. Her capacity to create a safe container for clients is commendable as is her attunement to individuals from diversity of backgrounds. I have no reservations referring clients to her and feel confident that she would provide excellent service." - Shahla Rasul, MSW, PsyD, former co-worker



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